Why You Should Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

What Makes Professional Cleaning Better?

Cleaning your home is a regular part of life. The cleaner you keep each and every aspect of your home, the longer it will last. That is also important when you are renting a home or place of business. You see, the better the house looks on move out day, the more security deposit you will usually get back. And a professional clean is the deepest clean you can get.

Good Property Manager relations matter when it comes to renting a home. The better you care for the house, the more beneficial the relationship will be with your landlord. Caring for the home and carpets are a part of that relationship.

On that note, getting the carpets professionally cleaned is the best option. Here are a few reasons Bravo Property Management and Realty believe a professional cleaning is the only way to go.

Health Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Let’s face it; we really walk all over our carpets. They trap dust, bacteria, and allergens, causing all sorts of respiratory ailments and allergies. Vacuuming will get the surface clean, but the packed in dirt and dust remains behind. In fact, the very best vacuum cleaners only clean the top ¼ of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning goes deeper and sanitizes the rug for a fresh, clean home.

Cleaned Carpets

Your Home’s Scent

Have you ever heard anyone say, “That smells like your home?” Well, that is your home’s smell. It is unique and personal to your house, rental, or owned. Not only do carpets collect dust and dirt, but they trap odors as well. Even the cleanest of homes have a “smell” that is particular to that home. The scent emanates from the soft surfaces in your home, including carpets, furniture, and drapes. Having them professionally cleaned will refresh that home scent.

That said, You can’t talk about carpet cleaning and home odors without mentioning those pet stains. Over time, urine will build up in the carpet’s fibers, even if you spot clean the area. It takes professional cleaners and extractors to have the power to get all the way down and neutralize those stains and odors.

Infestation Prevention

Dust Mites, YUCK! No one wants those. They are a significant source of allergens and respiratory problems. Get those mites out of their home and yours!

A Fresh and Clean Look

Of course, the vacuum is essential to clean carpets, but there is no doubt they need deep cleaning from time to time. When the carpets are deep cleaned a couple of times per year or more, they will maintain a cleaner look with fewer packed in particles.

Cleaned Carpets

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Since they have the right tools and chemicals, you will rest assured that your home and carpets are cleaned and sanitized when cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. Rugs are much like any other item in the house. The better maintained, the longer they will last. And, if you are a renter, your carpets will be cleaner than most on the final day of move out. And that may mean you get more of your security deposit back!

Professional Carpet Cleaners are Fast

Finally, if you use a professional service, they are speedy compared to doing it on your own. Their machines are more efficient, making the cleaning time quicker as well as the drying time. Not to mention, if you have ever cleaned carpets on your own, you may have noticed a musty smell the next morning. That is from water left in the carpet and pad. That won’t happen with a professional carpet cleaner.

A Professional Clean is the Best Clean.

It is true for most things, right? A professional car cleaning is the most detailed. Pro Dry Cleaning of clothes yields the best pressed and cleaned garments possible. The same goes for carpet cleaning. Suppose you are looking for an expert carpet cleaning service. Just ask your Property Management Company. They will have recommendations in your area.

Still have questions? Contact the team at Bravo Property Management and Realty for all your home maintenance needs.