Who is Responsible for Junk Removal: Tenant or Property Management Company?

We all have things we could get rid of, and some more than others. As life changes, things we once “had to have” become not so important. For instance, as the kids grow older, you may not need that old train set or dollhouse. If it is not in the best condition, you don’t want to donate these things. So, what do you do with them? And, just who is responsible for junk removal, the tenant or the Property Management Company?

Bravo Property Management and Realty has the answer for you.

Landlord or Property Management Responsibilities

Maintaining a rental or leased property comes with several responsibilities on the part of the Property Manager. They are required to maintain the property in a livable condition. Property Managers will perform significant repairs, keep the structure of the building sound, and maintain common areas. As far as “junk” goes, the property manager must keep trash receptacles that are within the cities sanitation codes.

Trash receptacles and recycling bins will be provided for use by the tenants. The Property Manager is then responsible for the removal of the trash. If it can fit into the property’s receptacles, a tenant can use them to dispose of any garbage or smaller items. Above and beyond those designated areas, the tenant should hire a professional junk removal company.

Junk Removal Companies

When a tenant has excessive trash or junk, it is wise to contact a company with the resources to properly dispose of the items. Junk removal companies have the manpower, junk trucks to remove the items and access to the appropriate dumps.

Whether from your home or business, here are a few of the things junk removal companies remove each day.

home junk

Accumulated Home “Junk”

Many people aren’t sure what to do with old, broken, or unwanted items. And if you are a renter, it can be an even bigger question. But what exactly do we mean by home junk removal? Even the cleanest and tidiest homes have junk now and then. When you are renting a place to live, it is best to call out a junk company to remove the following items.

  • Old Appliances
  • The Furniture you no longer want
  • Excessive Yard Debris
  • Large amounts of trash, say, from a spring cleaning
  • Old broken down sheds
  • Unwanted hot tub
  • Old mattresses
  • Attic cleanouts
  • And Hoarder Junk Cleanouts

Of course, there is the occasional broken ping pong table when an overzealous Uncle decides to jump on it. Or perhaps the dresser gets broken, moving it to the upstairs bedroom. That is okay. And what about the fish tank your kid had to have… and no longer keeps up with. We have all had those items.

Because they are larger and would take up too much room in the dumpster, it is the tenant’s responsibility to have those items removed and disposed of.

office junk

Office “Junk”

What about the office? When a company gets a makeover, whether they are in an owned or rented facility, they will need junk removal. These are just some items that would be best to have removed all at once by a removal company.

  • Office Cleanouts when moving out or spring cleaning.
  • Construction Debris from renovations and remodels
  • Cubical Removal
  • Larger Printers and Electronics
  • Carpets, flooring, and removed wall vinyl
  • Office Furniture that is no longer in use, is broken, or is unwanted.

The Property Management Companies’ Junk Removal Responsibilities

If you have ever been in property management, you know tenants often leave behind things they do not want. Then the management company must find a way to deal with those unwanted items. Unfortunately, this may hold up the time to get the next tenant settled in. That is not fair to anyone.

So, if you are a tenant and find you require junk removal, the rule of thumb is this…

If it does not fit in the provided trash receptacle, call for a junk removal company.

If you have any questions, contact your property manager for answers. They are always willing to help a good tenant out with things of this nature. The helpful staff at Bravo Property Management and Realty are here for you. Contact them today for all your real estate and property questions.