Who Is Responsible for General Repairs & Renovation: Tenant or Property Management Company?

Wear and tear, heavy usage, age, and quality all determine when your home’s moving parts will need repair or replacement. Appliances and other items in the home breakdown due to accidents as well. And we all know how inconvenient that can be for both the tenant and the property management company. So, do you know who is responsible for the general repairs and renovations in your rental property?

At Bravo Property Management and Realty, we want you to be prepared for anything that happens in the rental property. So, we have put together this guide to who is responsible.

Good Communication is Key

The tenant and property manager’s relationship determines many of the decisions made by both parties. When deciphering the language of responsibility, there are several questions to answer first.

  1. Are you renting a commercial property or place of residence?
  2. Is the home or business a free-standing building or a multi-unit?

Furthermore, good communication will be key in determining repair and replacement responsibility. When two parties communicate well and have a good working relationship, problems are handled amicably. 

Typically if you are renting and accidentally break something, you will need to repair or replace it. However, if something breaks in the home due to age or the machine’s quality, the landlord will most likely be the one to repair or replace it.

But, things aren’t always that simple. This is why the initial renter’s agreement or contract and good communication practice are vital to the communication between tenant and landlord.


Leasing a Commercial Property

In a commercial lease, the terms of the agreement should be well laid out. After all, you are both running a business and need not deal with interruptions. Whether you are leasing a free-standing building or multi-unit property, there are a few key things you should know.

If the building is a free-standing unit, the rules are usually a bit more unclear. This is the time the language of the contract should be prominent. The property manager will either treat it as hands-off as possible or as a true partnership, depending on the company’s management style.

Usually, the landlord will ready the place for your business to move in, then you are on your own for any work needing completion. What’s more, if you have provided the appliances, you would keep up with them independently. If the devices belong to the landlord, then the repairs may be up to the property manager.

Now, if the rental is in a multi-unit building, strip plaza, or mall, the rules may change a bit. In this case, the landlord has usually furnished each unit similarly. Then the manager would care for the things provided as well as any major remodeling. Anything the renter purchases is the responsibility of the renter.

In any case, using a professional remodeling company is a must to get the job done correctly.

Your Residential Rental

In a rental home, apartment, or condominium, the responsibilities may be like a commercial property. Most of the time, these are shorter and simpler contracts. So, again, this would be the time to consult the renter’s agreement.

As a renter, you agree to keep up with the things in your care. In the case of neglect, the responsibility will be undeniably on the renter. Keeping up with your rental home is so important. Ensuring the appliances and home are cared for will show good faith to the landlord should anything break down.

For instance, if a new appliance is needed near the end of a rental agreement, the landlord may choose to replace it with the new renters in mind. However, sometimes a refrigerator or washer and dryer are not included in the rental. Then if a renter brings them in, they are the renter’s property to maintain.

In the case of a much-needed basement, bathroom, or kitchen remodel, even a garage update the property manager will coordinate the remodel with the tenant to get the work done. But the Property Management Company should pay for the entire process.

language of the contract

The Language of the Contract

The verbiage of the contract or renter’s agreement is a great tool used by both the tenant and the property management company to communicate with understanding and respect. Both parties should be able to feel comfortable with the language and terms set up in the agreement.

We have seen it so many times. Countless renters merely skim the rental documents and sign. This is a big issue in the property management world. You see, if you only glance over the papers, you will not know what to do in times of crisis. So, it is best to make sure you have read the contract thoroughly for the sake of the relationship between tenant and property manager and have asked all your questions at the beginning.

The Best Intentions

At Bravo Property Management and Realty, we believe in our renters. In most cases, a renter and an owner have the same goal in mind. Both parties will put their best foot forward in the transaction. Quite honestly, we are fortunate to have such cooperative and responsible clients.

Be honest, did your puppy chew on the baseboards? As the pet owner, you should go ahead and replace the baseboard. 

If your kid threw the baseball a little too far to the left and broke the window, be truthful and report it to the property management. They will either let you handle the whole process or recommend a home repair and remodeling company to do the work.

We know accidents happen; good communication makes all the difference.

Responsibility for General Repairs and Remodels

Many factors go into determining responsibility for the rental home or leased commercial property. When the rental or lease agreement is clear and concise, both parties know what to expect, and problems are handles easily. It is all about communication.

So, if you are renting a property, be sure to read the entire contract and make your requests known. Likewise, if you are the property management company, clearly state all responsibilities in the agreement and be sure your tenant has read the entire contract before signing.

If you have any more questions regarding the Property Management Company’s responsibilities and the Tenant’s, contact Bravo for the answers.